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i n t u i t i v e  w o r k b o o k s 

in her deepest desire to serve her community in the broadest context available, vanessa has curated a whole array of free downloads for you - from meditation + intuition expanding-related guides to personal self-help, creating boundaries, + everything in between. 


this work continually brings vanessa back to her unwavering desire to share, serve + see you as you are, wherever you are in your journey. her belief that navigating our modern world + creating a balanced life filled with substance, purpose + meaning could be made more seamless by making diverse spiritual practices and integrative well-being inviting, accessible and practical- led her to creating these workbooks.

these workbooks can serve as a starting point to a self-lead healing journey, a check in with self as a midway point, or a reminder of the connection between the mind + the body, how emotions + our thoughts can inspire our life.


in case you’ve missed past downloads in our newsletters (subscribe here if you haven't already!) you can find some of them here. be sure to check back often as new workbooks become available.

FREE Boundaries Workbook_ Vanessa DeZutt
FREE Rituals 2020 Workbook by Vanessa De
FREE Fear To Freedom 2020 Workbook by Va
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