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m e d i t a t i o n   a s   m e d i c i n e

in this powerful practice, vanessa takes us on a guided journey to help us release fear + surrender into what is. this practice entails an energetic healing, that can be used to clear blocks to your innate wisdom. this process allows you to see things from your souls perspective + extract the lesson your soul intended you to learn. this deep healing process will help to connect you with your own ability to see life for all of it’s hidden gifts + mysteries. the healing vibrations of your own inner voice can help release the weight of your heart.

in this guided meditation, vanessa invites us into a practice to cleanse, expand + tap into your aura. this act calls us to go inwards. into our hearts + into our bodies + work to develop an intrinsic relationship with our radiant body + bio-magnetic fields. drift into this restorative practice by creating space within ourselves using breathwork to calm + regenerate the nervous system. a sweet way to stay connected to the liveness + the strength that lives within us.

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