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b r e a t h w o r k

overcome by overwhelm? breathwork offers a direct path through the chaos into balance. 

with it’s rising popularity in mainstream wellness spaces, breathwork has garnered an undeservedly “woo” reputation. 

but a solid body of research supporting the efficacy of this millennia-old practice proves there’s never been a better time to dive in.


what does it do, though?


by accessing the power of the vagus nerve, breathwork supports us to regulate a vast array of crucial bodily functions, including control of mood, immune response, digestion + heart rate. a healthy foundation is created over time by gently guiding your system to break out of a chronic fight or flight response, settling it into a balanced, open state. when stimulated, the vagus nerve instructs the body + brain to relax, the heart rate slows, becomes regular + the blood pressure decreases. so we’re working through both neurobiological and psychological mechanisms, forcing the ‘reptile’ brain to eventually click off and almost forcing a state of total calmness + environment for healing to take place.

it’s also a safe gateway for un-integrated emotions to surface and be processed, allowing you to drop the baggage + move into your life feeling lighter + more empowered. 

the best part? once you’ve learned it, you can practice it wherever or whenever you feel like you need a reset.

the opening; a private breathwork experience

each 2 hr private session* occurs online or in-person + falls into 3 parts.

exploration and intention setting

space for you to discuss any challenges + concerns arising in your life,

asking any questions you need to about the process. you will then be guided to set an intention for the session. 



the journey   

supported by evocative music, you will be guided using prompts, affirmations + trauma-informed bodywork into a conscious connected breath pattern for a period of 60-90 minutes. 




time for you to process anything which arose during your session. making room for re-connection +

grounding as you come out of your session gently. 


sessions can be booked as one-offs or discounted in packages.

please contact for pricing.


* for all first-time clients, a 30-minute orientation call is included prior to our session.











is it normal to feel light-headed or tingly sensations in the body? 

yes, the light-headedness usually occurs in the beginning of the breathing. but it’s very short-lived if you continue with the breathing pattern. if you’re new to this type of breathing, it’s very common to experience tingly sensations or numbness in your hands, feet or face. if the sensations become too intense, you can always take a break + come back to the breathing or take the breath more shallow or slow. as you continue on your breathwork journey, this experience will most always go away. we like to think of it as stuck energy being released from the body. it’s most helpful to surrender to the process + trust the healing that’s occurring, but if the experience remains consistent with your practice it can also be due to a lack of minerals in the body. 

is it normal to feel really emotional during + after breathwork?

yes! when we stimulate our autonomic nervous system, we support the body in releasing stuck energy on its own. keep in mind that whatever comes up is asking to be felt, processed + shifted. emotions are truly the gateway to our healing + most expanded expression - we just have to invite them forward to be heard. when we suppress our emotions we experience things like anxiety, depression + even physical sickness /chronic pain. breathwork is a great tool to help create space for emotions that need our presence + attention. instead of trying to ‘get rid’ of unwanted emotions, consider your emotions as ‘feedback’ letting you know where you stand in relation to your inherent, harmonious self (the soul) + our conditioned, fabricated self (the ego). you may find it helpful to go into your breathwork session being willing to feel + understand any emotions so that you can move into the greater wisdom they truly carry. you can set the intention of being willing to see any untruth(s) or conditioned belief(s) you may be upholding that uphold your emotions or experience + asking to see the greater lesson, wisdom or purpose that’s presenting beyond the surface.

what does it mean when you have sensations or pain in specific parts of your body? 

vanessa always likes to defer you back to yourself (your greatest guide!). breathwork will always bring up what’s wanting to be released + shifted. although there are some general consistencies with where we physically hold emotions and memories, every body is different. if you were to guess, what might you have been holding in that area? what did it feel like was being released? trust any memories that popped up or inclinations you have. if you still feel like there’s emotion or energy to be processed, try to not focus on the physical aspect + instead just try to surrender + trust your body’s innate ability to heal.

some self guided inquires you can try on are “why is this here for me? how is this showing up here to guide me to my expansion? what conditioned perceptions do i need to release around this? how am i being led to better serve my body/heart/soul?”

what are the benefits of breathwork?

  • nervous system regulation

  • anxiety + stress management

  • stress-related inflammation relief

  • alleviation of digestive issues (IBS)

  • hormonal regulation

  • emotional integration

  • trauma integration

  • organ detoxification

  • strengthened immunity 

  • energetic support 

this is for you if:

  • you’re looking for a practical, body-based complement to traditional talk therapy & coaching

  • you’re looking to find out what it actually feels like to be safe + regulated so you have a benchmark to go by in your life. 

  • you’re feeling stressed + burned out (and you’re looking for new ways to move through it)

  • you feel challenged by meditation in general

  • you’re seeking a reliable tool and source of support to turn to when life gets overwhelming 

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