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t e s t i m o n i a l s

​having vanessa as my coach and mentor was profound. she guided me through a very intense and difficult transition in my life with such grace and empowerment. i am forever grateful for her support. in addition to her coaching, i attended vanessa’s in-studio classes each week. it was such a blessing and a beautiful space to be a part of . vanessa truly built a community from her gifts that she shared. i always felt a sense of home when i walked into the room.  it was filled with so much love and gentleness, a place that felt safe. i always looked forward to making a cozy nest along side the community to participate in The Healing’s mediation. i also attended many of vanessa’s  beautiful workshops and i can say they were curated in such a loving and intentional way that i felt so held, safe, seen and heard when i attended. i left feeling grounded, connected and with a deeper understanding of myself.

michelle, toronto, canada


vanessa is truly magic. it's hard to explain the sense of familiarity and ease she gives you when you are around her, but it's nothing short of pure magic. she feels like your best friend, your mentor, your coach, and a safe place to land all in one.

i had been receiving one-on-one healing and reiki sessions from vanessa in toronto for over a year when the pandemic hit. due to the pandemic i had to relocate back to mexico and was devastated that i wouldn't be able to see vanessa on a bi-weekly basis in person anymore. lucky, we were able to transfer our sessions over to online sessions and i'm thrilled how well she is able to translate her energy into her sessions from so far away. they feel just like they did in person. she is a gift to anyone who works with her or attends her classes. i can't recommend this woman enough.

e.- puerto escondido, mexico


i love having my cards read by vanessa! the enthusiasm she brings to each reading is infectious and makes me excited to see what the powers that be have in store. she’s done two long distance tarot readings for me so far and i’m excited for future readings! i am blown away by her abilities to truly connect with her clients even if they’re 3000 miles away! i highly recommend using her services - you won’t regret spending even just a minute with this amazing woman! 

cassy- california, usa


thank you so much for this.. i almost feel like i need to read it 7 more times, so i’m so happy i have this to reflect on and come back to.

your session was SO FREAKING RELEVANT it is MADNESS.

you are so incredible for doing these - i love it so much. it’s so important. i feel like this type of work is really the gift of granting permission to be yourself. or to feel what you’re feeling. so thank you for giving that to me.


forever grateful for the light you've shared with me.

ellen- alberta, canada


vanessa emanates positive healing energy and has a gift for reiki. after attending just one healing meditation class with vanessa i knew i had found something special. i have worked with her in private reiki sessions, weekly classes and an intensive online course. vanessa helped remove childhood blocks, balance my energy and work through chronic physical pain i had. her voice and presence sinks me immediately into my body and holds me there.. i highly recommend her to anyone with a sensitive system that requires extra care during their healing journey.

sandra- muskoka, canada


you have changed my  life in so many ways. from the darkest day and barely surviving to thriving now everyday. you have given me hope. 

erika- toronto, canada


vanessa, my heart is so filled.  and i'm so, so grateful to be alive right this moment- not just breathing, but alive. thanks to YOU. thank you for creating the space for everyone to unite and heal in solidarity during this time. life is good and i am forever grateful. 

alyssa- toronto, canada


i am so grateful for the time i have spent with vanessa, whether in a class, workshop or 1:1 energy healing. from the moment i met her, i knew she was someone special. vanessa's presence and warm energy created a safe and welcoming community for all. the classes i took with her quickly became my favourite part of the week, and i left each class already looking forward to the next one. vanessa is a true gift to this earth, and her offerings have contributed greatly to my healing journey.

megan- toronto, canada


a lot of the healing work i’ve done on myself has come from vanessa’s classes and teaching. vanessa has a unique ability to create a safe space where you feel both held and free. One of the most poignant and transformative classes I had with vanessa was when she guided me through a meditation that brought me home to myself, a feeling I had never actually felt until that moment. vanessa makes every person feel seen and loved, supported and lifted.  the knowledge she brings forth to serve others is not only inspiring but empowering. i tap into a greater sense of knowledge and self. it’s a must to surround yourself with vanessa’s wisdom and light; i, for one, am all the better for it.

taylor - toronto, canada


thank you for holding such sacred space for me.. you are an angel, and you have a gift. you speak and teach so eloquently and your words felt like magic in my heart. i'm journaling and continuing the practice. thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

rachael- toronto, canada


i don't quite have the words for what our session was yet, even after a few days have passed, all i can say just yet is that it was TRANSFORMATIONAL. haven't stopped thinking about it really... you have helped me more than you will ever know, in so very many ways. can't wait to keep going.  

a- toronto, canada


i'll never be able to fully express what working with vanessa has done for me. her classes and workshops have completely and truly changed my life. i was gone for a hot minute from classes and working with her, and then i realized just how scared and closed off from the world i was. i felt alone and afraid more than anything.. and then one day i felt called to go back to vanessa's studio class and then i realized what I had been aching for. immediately after one class back i left feeling more grounded, open and whole. thank you, thank you, thank you. you've changed my life.

danielle- toronto, canada.


vanessa is one of the people you want to be around all the time. her positive energy is noticeable from first sight! 
on one lucky day, she welcomed me to join the healing class. i am not going to lie; i was very hesitant about joining a 1-hour guided meditation class. it can be scary to sit with your own self for an extended period of time. sometimes we need to trust and surrender to the opportunities that come our way, and beautiful things come out of them! her class, the healing was a life-changing experience. vanessa feels the energy in the room, creates a safe and positive space where you feel comfortable on this healing journey. each session, she dives with you on a journey of compassionate self-love, you can be as vulnerable as you are open to be on that day. the classes can go very deep into your soul, but her gentle guidance meets you exactly where you are. it's suitable for beginners and those with regular mindfulness practices; there is always something to learn and discover during your practice.
eventually, i was also fortunate to be asked to assist vanessa during her classes. i looked forward to every saturday, as it was like coming into a paradise within a busy city. i cannot underline enough how amazing it is to work alongside such a gifted human, and getting a spot on the mat in her class is something you will never regret as it will be transformational! thank you for being you!

nika - toronto, canada


after moving to toronto on my own and the dealing with the diagnosis of my fathers cancer, i turned to vanessa's reiki healing classes at 889 community. every week i would look forward to her classes, knowing they would bring me one step close to healing. vanessa doesn't treat what she does as a JOB; she makes you feel like she's your sister. she goes above and beyond. even after moving across the country, she has responded to all of my inquires and questions. she'll leave you feeling connected to her and your inner self, no matter where she is.

phyllis/associate editor view the vibe- toronto, canada


A simple THANK YOU, for all of this guidance and support. 


Last night was intense in any number of ways, from volunteering to share first during our discussion and saying things aloud that I barely even say to myself, to the inhaling and exhaling of that breathwork. I found myself bursting into little spurts of tears every so often afterwards, as I was writing, as I was folding up blankets, as I was washing my face, etc. They’d go as quickly as they came, and it felt almost like storm clouds passing overhead. Sleep didn’t come easily, but today... I feel lighter. And ready to keep going. 


I thought I was starting to understand what it means to heal, but I realize now that I’m only just beginning. I am in your service for life; however I can help you, I will... the world needs YOU and this work. As ever, I am so thankful that we found each other. 

anon- panic to peace immersive participant

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