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d i s t a n c e  t a r o t 

how does it work?

once you have your purchased your session, vanessa will contact you via the email address you have provided in your contact form to set up a date/time that works for you. on your chosen day, you have the choice of resting/meditating for the first half hour of the session or simply going about your day...your energy is available for her to journey with either way! while vanessa journeys with her own meditation and the cards, she connects to your energy + seeks the guidance, healing and the messages you need to most at the present time. once finished, she records all of the information she received + will send it to you in an email within 24 hours. after you've had a couple of days to sit with the information, you are welcome to email her with any further support, guidance or clarity needed.

distance vs. in person readings

there are a lot of people who just love to do sessions with their energy workers in person. plain and simple, for some people it feels like "i can see you, i can feel you + that just makes it more real for me" but you don't have to be in the same room as someone to do energy healing, it's completely universal. vanessa does find too, because she is less constrained by time, the distance reading sessions provide even more information + guidance and a really clear list of "homework" for each client so that they are empowered to nourish and continue their own healing work. plus you get a full written record of all of the guidance received so that you can reference it time + again as your journey unfolds.


investment: $105

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