vanessa is an international meditation + manifestation coach, reiki healer + spiritual guide.

since her own journey of healing began, vanessa has had the honour of studying and working alongside some of the world's leading teachers.

since then, hundreds of spiritually curious have attended vanessa's classes + workshops to reprogram unconscious beliefs + reawaken their innate intuition through inquiry, accountability + tools that have transformed vanessa's own life. vanessa's mastery lies in her grounded approach to healing + dissolving the divide between the material and metaphysical, +  demystifying manifestation and quantum healing. she thrives on meaningful moments, creative collaborations, + the immense transformative powers each of them hold. 

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in meditation, healing happens. taken from the notion that everyone needs a moment to connect to a deeper state of consciousness, vanessa leads meditation to empower you to train your mind to focus + redirect your thoughts.

distance tarot readings are a beautiful +

powerful way to experience energetic healing from the comfort of your own home. vanessa uses tarot as her medium to bring you universal clarity + compassion in moving you through your journey.

reiki is a form of hands on energy healing in which vanessa can channel energy into your physical body by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the body + restore physical and emotional well-being.



what started as a playful + persistent request from her students, friends + fellow teachers for access to her curated playlists, evolved into a sacred + satisfying practice that vanessa truly adores. playlists specifically curated each month around the ongoings in life, current events, moon musings and more, these playlists have become the background tracks to many classes + feel good moments. if you love the good jams as much as she does, feel free to follow along on the journey!

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dear courage: episode 9. how to thrive during a tough change- with vanessa dezutter 


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