1:1 i n t u i t i v e  h e a l i n g 

vanessa's healing sessions are about connecting you to a deeper understanding of your own spiritual truths. expanding your consciousness, heal pain, relieve stress, recover trauma + step into your power to gain clarity + peace. generally, each session includes talk therapy, intuitively guided hands on healing, meditation + take away exercises to empower you to continue your own self-healing journey. 

through her life long commitment to studentship, vanessa has trained in the usui reiki lineage and uses her unique + transformational techniques in a combination of reiki, meditation + breathwork in her healing sessions to promote the activation of your own unique healing process.

her deeply rooted belief is that we all have the ability to shift + heal our own energy. her methodology + techniques are unique, intuitive, +  rooted in her energetic gifts, personal experience, tools, support + coaching that allows for your healing to go beyond the body.

these sessions are designed to illuminate + intuitively guide you to your unique vitality, health, inner radiance + self-healing power.


in person: vanessa currently offers intuitive healing and reiki sessions at 889 community located in yorkville toronto, as well as in her home in toronto's west side on high park. please use the contact form here, at which time we will arrange an appointment time that works for you. 

in-home reiki healing: there are times when a session in the comfort of your own home is more accommodating for your schedule or location. vanessa offers in-home healing sessions as an option for both local + global clients. please note that additional travel fees may be included pending location + request. 

online: additionally, vanessa practices worldwide through zoom.


single session: 90 min $150

​three 90 min sessions: $400
why choose three?
healing always happens in layers. through this offering we have a chance to go deeper into your healing journey with more time + space to navigate + work through challenges, old programming, conditioning, + blocks that are unearthed during your time together. 
-ongoing support. you can email vanessa between sessions with any questions or concerns. 

-accountability coach for the duration of your time together.

*(multiple session offering payment can be made in 2 payments — second invoice sent two weeks from initial deposit)